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At GMU, we continually prepare for any situation that might impact our ability to serve our customers.  This includes natural disasters, the flu and most recently, the coronavirus.  To ensure we can deliver the level of service our customers need, and out of concern of the safety of our employees and the public, the following guidelines should be followed:

The office is closed to the public until further notice in order to keep our employees from unnecessary exposure.

To protect our Technicians and our customers we will only be preforming emergency repairs and will enforce the 6 feet distancing protocol, ask the customer if anyone in the home is under isolation precautions or experiencing any symptoms of the virus.  All non critical work will be scheduled and completed on a later date.

If there are any customers needing billing assistance please contact either Mills County Public Health (712) 527-9699 or West Central Development (712) 527-8172.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but we have options available for you if you need to pay your utility bill and you are always able to call if you have questions or concerns.

Mission Statement
Provide safe, reliable water and sanitary sewer service to Glenwood Area at a cost effective rate.

Ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations for potable water and wastewater.

Provide continuous distribution of clean, potable water at flow rates to meet consumer and fire demand and to be above minimum pressure requirements established by regulatory agencies.

Employee Development and Growth  
Recognize that the employees are the Department’s most valued asset, and continue training, both formal and on the job, to improve performance in both Water Production and Waste Water Treatment.

Cost Effective
Ensure financial requirements are sufficiently managed to maximize the customer’s value for water and sewer services.